Friday, September 20, 2013

U.S.-backed Syrian rebels being shoved aside by radical Islamists

"... There’s hardly a more sensitive topic in Syria’s eastern provinces than the standoff between the U.S.-backed Free Syrian Army rebels and the Islamist militants who run much of the region, so it was no surprise that the commander of the Free Syrian Army unit in eastern Syria’s biggest town understated the state of play when he was asked earlier this summer.“There are no tensions,” said Abu Tayf, a former businessman who asked to be called only “Tayf’s father.” “We all still have one goal: to get rid of Assad,” ....
Five days later, militants kidnapped Abu Tayf while he was out in the city. He hasn’t been seen since. Then on Aug. 13, a car bomb was detonated in front of the headquarters of his Ahfad al Asoul brigade. Those who weren’t killed by the blast were arrested, according to locals..."

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