Thursday, September 19, 2013

Brilliant: "There is no way that the Lavrov can be "Mr. Nyet" past Saturday"

"... Harman said this will not be a point of impasse for a United Nations resolution."They own this problem now. Let's understand that if the deal falls apart, chemical weapons stay in Syria ... and imagine they get in the hands of the radical Islamists. Where will they be used? The post office address is Russia. This is an existential threat to Russia," said Harman.
"There is no way that the (Russian foreign minister) Lavrov can be "Mr. Nyet" past Saturday," said Harman.
Acting director of the CIA until six months ago Mike Morrell does not necessarily share Harman's confidence and optimism. He told Foreign Policy Magazine, "I think this is the Syrians playing for time. ... I do not believe that they would seriously consider giving up their chemical weapons."
Harman disagrees, saying Syria asked to sign the chemical weapons convention..."
NB: "...  In April 2009, CQ Politics, also quoting anonymous sources, said Harman had been captured on a National Security Agency wiretap prior to the 2006 elections, telling an "Israeli agent" that she would "waddle into" lobbying the Department of Justice on the AIPAC case. Harman ended the phone call, according to CQ, by saying, "This conversation doesn’t exist"...."

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