Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Saudia & Israel preparing another false-flag attack in Syria?!

"... That all having been said, some astute military thinkers are worried that some other big players in the Syrian saga--Israel and Saudi Arabia to name just two--are not at all happy that the U.S. and Russia may be working on a way to avoid military action. They look beyond the immediates of Syria to the pending negotiations with Iran.  If a deal is reached to put Syrian chemical weapons under UN control, and Iran is party to the arrangement, this opens the door for a better outcome to the upcoming P5+1 and Iranian-American bilateral talks.  Both Israel and Saudi Arabia would be deeply alarmed at such an outcome.  In this context, some of my astute military and intelligence observers are warning of a false flag attack in Syria, staged by Syrian rebels or even Israeli covert ops teams, to put the Syria situation back on an immediate war footing. ..."

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