Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Obama stops the sprint towards an American lame duck president record

"... The countdown to U.S. military action against Syria has taken another dramatic twist over the past 24 hours, with a Russian proposal, backed by Syria, Iran and the Obama Administration, now being formulated to avert American military action.  The proposal, contrary to much of the media chatter, was discussed between Putin and Obama in St. Petersburg last week, and was also discussed between Lavrov and Kerry.  All of the talk about a Kerry "slip of the tongue" was media confusion.  Bottom line:  Obama knows that he will not get the Congressional votes he needs for authorization to use force.  He also knows that the mood on Capitol Hill is such that, if he ordered military strikes without Congressional backing, he might face impeachment.  Under any circumstances, the chances of Obama setting a world record for early lame duck status were soaring.  The American public do not want to hear about another war that has no justification under legitimate U.S. national security concerns.  They want jobs, other domestic economic improvements, and an end to the surveillance state.  The consent of the governed says "no" by an overwhelming margin..."

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