Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Ankara, 'unfamiliar direction',wailing & hypocrisy

"...Erdogan and Davutoglu's position, however, appears increasingly unrealistic given that there is a world — including Islamic countries — that is not prepared to bloody its hands over Syria. Meanwhile, Erdogan’s demand for the reinstatement of President Mohammed Morsi in Egypt appears equally unrealistic at this stage. Much to his annoyance, the prospect of a return to power by Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood is looked on more unfavorably in the Middle East than in the West.This poses a dilemma for the Erdogan government, which has started to criticize the Arab countries supporting the Egyptian military. The contradiction, however, is that while they criticize these powers over Egypt in the name of democracy, Ankara continues to rely on the support of the same powers for bringing down the Assad regime in the name of democracy...."

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