Saturday, May 11, 2013

AnNahar Editorial: "Losers from US-Russian entente"

(Translated): 'At the height of the Cold War, relations between the United States and the former Soviet Union, sometimes underwent periods of "reconciliation"...  experiencing temporary breakthroughs in relations and translated into agreements to reduce nuclear weapons or the establishment of joint bodies such as the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe/ Helsinki, which has served as a liaison office between the West and the former Soviet bloc.
Two years into the Syrian crisis,  the relationship between Moscow and Washington, witness a cold war between a United States tired of foreign wars and the financial crisis, and a Russian Federation returning strongly to the international stage thanks to an improved economy due to the rise in oil prices  and the stability of its political system. When Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov read the joint communique of the Moscow summit with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry at his side, one got a sense that the winds of accord were blowing once again.
It is obvious that there will be losers from this entente beteween Washington and Moscow on the Syrian crisis. The first affected are those who gambled everything and continue to support  a military option and are continuously working for it two years on. Those negatively affected continue to ignore Kerry's warnings that the continuation of the war in Syria would lead to the disintegration of this country. They would rather see Syria implode and completely destroyed, than to see President Bashar al-Assad continues in office under any agreement.
There regional parties are no longer able to coexist with Syria under the current system in any way ... There is no need to be reminded of the (rabid) remarks that emanated from regional countries following the announcement of Kerry and Lavrov for an international conference on Syria ....They feel that they will be victims of any breakthrough between the United States and Russia. They work in various ways in order to pre-empt any attempt in the direction of a political solution to the crisis, a solution that will salvage what remains of Syria. Neither the disintegration of Syria ... nor the explosive ripples in neighboring countries in  sectarian wars,  deters the losers from going  in their war on Syria until the very end.
For these reasons one cannot be over optimistic as  long as there are parties whose sole precondition is the removal of Assad before entering negotiations. The losers know  that such a condition is impossible to achieve, this is why, they are proceeding until the very end with the destruction of Syria. They simply cannot digest the idea that they are victims of a U.S. - Russian entente.

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