Thursday, April 18, 2013

"When Bashar falls, ... maybe then all the Hazemoon people will move there!"

Mahmoud Salem, prominent Egyptian author, activist & uber critic of the MB, offers this solution for Egypt's woes:
"... On the bright side, Syria has apparently learned from our mistakes and is completely distrustful of the Brotherhood-dominated Free Syrian Army, because of what the Brotherhood have done to us. Instead, the anti-Bashar Syrian secularists are now supporting the Al-Qaeda dominated Gabha Al-Nusra as the sane and fluffy alternative. It should be noted that one of the chief supporters of Gabha Al-Nusra is Hazem Abu Ismail, who sends his Hazemoon fighters to fight there, and has announced that he personally would like nothing more than to go and make jihad in Syria, but he can’t go with Egypt this unstable, and the moment Egypt is stable again, he will. By then, hopefully, the Abu Ismail militia in Syria will be a real force and a major player, and when Bashar falls I won’t be surprised to hear that they took over the city of Homs and made Abu Ismail its Emir. Maybe then all the Hazemoon people will move there. Let a man dream...."

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