Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thank God it's not true! Come back!

Fatwa or no fatwa, the writer seems to be missing the point! 
"... There have also been media reports claiming that religious clerics from Tunisia had issued a fatwa permitting Muslim women to perform "sex jihad" in Syria. It claims that Muslim fighters in Syria could engage in sexual acts with consenting Muslim women to raise morale.
This fatwa turned out to be bogus; media first attributed it to the celebrity cleric Mohammed Al Arefe from Saudi Arabia, but he denied that. Reports then claimed the clerics who issued the fatwas were anonymous but "they are among those who are influenced by Saudi clerics".
Yet even after the fatwa was disavowed, people still believed in it. At least 13 Tunisian female teenagers were reported to have travelled to Syria to perform religious duties. One television channel reported that a man divorced his wife after he decided to fight in Syria to enable her to perform her own jihad there..."

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