Saturday, October 6, 2012

Israel shoots down a mysterious drone 35 miles inside its airspace

[Haaretz] "... The Israeli Air Force shot down an unidentified aerial vehicle that penetrated Israel's airspace on Saturday. IDF forces shot down the drone over the Negev, south of Mount Hebron.
The IDF said Saturday that the drone arrived in Israel from the west after flying over the Mediterranean and the Gaza Strip. It said the incident is under investigation.
After the drone traveled east some 35 miles (56 km) across Israel's southern Negev desert, the drone was shot down above a forest in an unpopulated area near the border with the West Bank, the IDF spokesperson said....

The IDF admitted that the drone flew over Israeli territory for long minutes, but Mordechai insisted it was "much less than half an hour."...sources within the security establishment had confirmed in the past that Hezbollah is involved, ...."

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