Saturday, October 6, 2012

'Escalation & Madness'

[CK for SST] '... It seems that the fog of war has already settled in to some degree.  What scenarios are we looking at here? We have the Anglo-French war against Syria backed by the US ongoing. The Anglo-French and the US are allied to the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia and the Qataris who in turn are supporting the Salafi and Wahhabi terrorists inside Syria who move in and out of Turkey for safe haven and staging.  We have Salafi brigades from Libya and Tunisia and so on in the mix in Syria, again moving in and out of Turkey as safe haven. The Turks are in a neo-Ottoman expansionist mode spurred by massive investments from the Gulfis/Wahhabis who have their own global jihad ongoing. Add in the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt and its secret and not so secret branches in other lands such as Syria. Now we have an escalation of tension between Turkey and Syria.  Turks attack Syria next?  With NATO or without NATO?  US joins in.  One would then expect a reply from Syria and its allies such as Russia, Iran, factions in Lebanon.  Thus regional war involving Iran? Presumably, Iranians are patriotic folk who will support their government whether or not they agree with it.  This seemed to be the case in the 1980s. Iranians rally to defend their country. There are a lot of them and they have some serious organizations such as the Rev Guards and also asymmetric capabilities. Iran replies by setting the Gulf states on fire so to speak.  Israel cannot defend against CBW.  So nukes not needed and Iran does not have them anyways. In the regional war, if not general war, the Israelis attempt to "transfer" all Palestinians out of Israel and the West Bank.  This engenders still more chaos.  Can Israel and the Zionist experiment survive in such circumstances? And does the Jewish Agency really care as it readjusts its strategic global diaspora management?  CK

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