Monday, September 17, 2012

CNN: 'Al Qaeda, 'fundamentalists', Potayto, Potaato ...'

'AQ explaining Syria to the UN'
Notice how all of a sudden, Al Qaeda fighters become 'Islamic fundamentalists'..
"... Damascus, Syria (CNN) -- The growing presence of Islamic fundamentalist fighters is among the "most alarming" trends in Syria's civil war, a United Nations investigator said Monday."Some of them can be classified as jihadis," said Paulo Pinheiro, who chairs an independent international committee charged with investigating the situation in Syria. "Sometimes they fight together with some armed groups of the opposition. Other times they go by themselves. (GO WHERE? FOR A STROLL ON THE BOARDWALK?) They have their own agenda."Hours after presenting a new report to the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, Pinheiro told CNN that the fundamentalist fighters were "one of the most alarming elements in Syria."..."
'FSA posing with AQ's flag'

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