Thursday, January 29, 2009

Brilliant Erdogan storms off Davos stage over Peres remarks on Gaza

AP, here Watch and applaude!
“For me Davos is over, I will never attend this meeting again.”


Anonymous said...

Was that Amr Moussa at the far right? He stood up as Erdogan left but sat back down again. Coward.

GPC, ZBYR, & or Bhmadoun said...

... and he was sort of scolded by that other wimp, Ban ..

mo said...

Actually Moussa shook Erdogans hand I think before he sat down. But what he should have done is run away in shame. A Turk and an ally of Israel saying things that Moussa and his tinpot dictator friends have never said.

Erdogan is risking a lot here by doing this.