Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pro-Assad civilans' civilian rally target of mortar attacks: 8 Killed including a foreign journalist

If it wasn't for a dead foreign journalist, pro-government Syrian civilians would have continued dying without any mention in mainstream media! (Wounded France2 caméraman Christophe Kenck said by phone that the pro-government rally was targeted by 4 mortar attacks one of which was aimed at an empty school)
"(CNN) -- A French journalist died Wednesday in a mortar strike on a pro-government rally in Homs, ....The violence comes as international journalists and Arab League monitors viewed the tumult rippling across restive cities. A journalist who witnessed the incident told CNN that a civilian also died in the strike. A Dutch journalist and nine civilians were injured.The dead journalist is Gilles Jacquier of the France 2 TV network, the network confirmed. There are different casualty figures filtering out of Homs. France 2 also said seven people died in the same place. Jacquier's cameraman was lightly injured, France 2 said. It said they were there as part of a trip authorized by the government. ..."

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