Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free Syrian Army commander: 'I'll name my son Juppé if West intervenes'

... and I will name mine 'Juppe Courte' if West does! You got 'solid' journalism like that when a fellow from the Lebanon Renaissance org. a right wing Lebanese outfit founded by Elie Khoury of 'I love Life' fame, interviews a dimwit like that 'officer'!
"... When commander Al Arabi (out of all names!) got up to leave, he picked up his Kalashnikov and made me a promise. “If they [the West] come to help, I will name my son Juppé,” after the outspoken French foreign minister who has led calls for a humanitarian intervention. He then disappeared into the dark cold hills from which he came. His plan was to be across the border in Homs the next morning...."

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