Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Algerian Arab League 'observer' is a fraudulent former member of the 'Armed Islamic Group' (GIA)

Member of the Armed Islamic Group (GIA, al-Jama'ah al-Islamiyah al-Musallaha
As per 'Syria Truth'& dissident Nizar Nayouf:
"Nayouf drew our attention to the need to return to the archives of said Arab League team member Anwar Malek, who made a new name for himself when he called the AL' mission in Syria a "farce." First, Anwar Malek is not his real name, but "Nawar Abdul-Malik" (born in 1972)... an expelled (for theft) member of the Algerian Armed forces and more seriously, "a member of the Armed Islamic Group," (GIA) modeled after Al Qaeda and led by the criminal Zawabri Antar,... According to testimonies received from Algerian journalists, Nayouf, including audio/video materials,... Anwar was also impersonating the title "Doctor" although he "does not know how to type a sentence" and was known to conduct fictional interviews with himself and published them in the Algerian press as the works of "a researcher and analyst" ...

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