Sunday, July 13, 2014

'Hardliners in Tehran & Washington ready to 'swallow hard' when agrrement is reached'

'... Kerry now faces a series of crises. In Afghanistan, the US purports to have no preference between the Presidential candidates, but wants a fair process. However, as an NSC official commented to us, “we may end up by alienating both candidates, souring our bilateral relations and making it more difficult for them to govern.” Kerry – together with a number of other foreign ministers – has joined the Vienna talks on Iran. These are now approaching the July 20th deadline, with the sides far apart on the primary issue of Iran’s residual nuclear program. With hardliners watching on in both Washington DC and Tehran, both sides will have to swallow hard if there is to be an agreement. With regard to the conflict between Israel and Hamas the Administration is offering appeals for caution and offers to facilitate a cease fire, but there is clear resignation in the White House, Pentagon and in Congress that the fight will continue until sides have decided that they have had enough. Add in Ukraine and Iraq/Syria and Kerry’s agenda is a full and unappealing one. ....'

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