Saturday, June 7, 2014

Turkish perspective: "We have to start thinking about Assad still ruling Syria"

"... In reality, nobody has won anything from the Syrian crisis. Everybody has lost. Unfortunately, Turkey is among the losers. Our government’s policy had predicted a new Syria without Assad. But all the predictions of our officials about the Assad regime turned out to be futile. In the meantime, by supporting the opposition and resistance, Turkey became a party to the conflict.Today, Assad is still standing. Turkey, on the other hand, is facing a refugee problem that has so far cost $3.5 billion. Various jihadists and al-Qaeda groups are operating in our border region. The policy we followed has caused problems in our relations with many countries in our neighborhood.This is why we have to start thinking about Assad still ruling Syria."

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Anonymous said...

Nobody has won? NOT true.
Israel has the bonanza of its history, going back 150 yrs.
Zionism is now the preeminent Middle East force, intact and thriving. Just waiting for the last of its Arab rivals to devour each other so the zionists can then sweep up all the spoils.
BIG BIG winner for the puppeteer at the top of the strings.