Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Obama at West Point: Doubling Down on a Failed Syria Policy

"... The Syrian conflict will end in one of two ways.  In one scenario, the Assad government continues to extend and consolidate its military gains against opposition forces.  Over time, opposition elements make their peace with the government, in piecemeal fashion.  However, because of ongoing external support, enough opposition groups are able to keep fighting that significant portions of Syria’s population will continue to face serious humanitarian and security challenges for several more years.  In the alternative scenario, the main external supporters of the opposition (the United States, Britain and France, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab states, Turkey) and of the Assad government (Russia, China, Iran) pursue serious diplomacy aimed at helping the government and those opposition elements with some measure of genuine support in Syria reach a political settlement based on power sharing.The current trajectory of U.S. policy makes the first scenario—with the unnecessary deaths of more Syrians, further revitalization of Al Qaeda, and continued erosion of America’s strategic position—virtually inevitable....."

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