Sunday, March 30, 2014

Military force no solution for Syria

"... Whatever is said about the current regime in Syria, there is an urgent need for major reforms. Syria was enjoying security, stability, and national unity, and was playing a regional role, making it an influential player for the past many decades. Now, Syria has become a battlefield for rival regional and international powers and different groups and militias. After three years of fighting, every Syrian citizen must now ask: “Where were we and where are we — for what and for whom?”
Inevitably, there are significant external dimensions to the ongoing armed conflict in Syria, which is truly a regional-international struggle for Syria and its future role as seen by each — the pro-regime factions and the opposition to the current regime in Damascus. But “resorting to the people” is the required solution to stop the bloodbath. Use of military force is no solution to the bloody crisis, whether by domestic or foreign parties..."

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