Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"I need Bashar to last for two more years,"

"... "I need Bashar [al-Assad] to last for two more years," said the businessman. "It would be a disaster if the regime fell now: we would split into mini-states that would fight among each other. We'll be massacring each other – tribes, Islamists and battalions."Maybe if the regime lasts for a few more years we can agree on the shape of the new Syria. At least then we might end up with three states rather than 10," he said. Meanwhile, the killings and massacres will continue, until sectarian cleansing has been carried out in all of Syria's cities and regions, he added..."

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Anonymous said...

The Best President ever was Hafez Assad ( before him used to be a national song,
if there is no army coup this month, for sure coming month will be ) .
Hafez Assad came and put the foundation for Syria, from education , industries, medical .... you name it ... all in general close to be free - good for the syrian people .
Syria was self sufficient in all fields - Zero borrowing money from any bank !

When the people start rising - Russia asked B. Assad to let them go to the street as long as no troubles - Demonstrators want B. Assad to be out too, we have to kill him - get rid of him , kill his people .... etc. .

Well; kill each others - much better; or destroy Syria as a whole - this is where Syria stand now ( I’m not Syrian ), but deeply feel very sorry for the
innocent people who died - just for nothing .
Now, Syrian people are very - very poor - begging for money to live in Ottoman
Turkey , Lebanon , Jordan ..... etc. .

You -who destroyed this beautiful country are the Drain Brain of the Arab world,
are the dumbest of the dumb of Syrian People - you do not deserve to be alive, and especially those who are living in a hotel in Ottoman Turkey - barking .