Thursday, October 3, 2013

Israel Negotiating ('secret') Historic Alliance with Saudi Arabia

IBTimes UK
"...Channel 2 said a "high ranking official" even came secretly to Israel to address growing concerns on Tehran's nuclear program, ..."

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Peter said...

I am so glad the vast majority of Amerikan's cannot and will not read this highly biased, intensive propaganda. Alas, the demographic for this type of article you are posting is a highly educated and privilged Neo-Con/Neo-Liberal, nouveau riche,"Zionist", who have commandeered the US social, political and economical scenes.
It is the, Status Quo, and they are disciplined activists. However, it is becoming increasingly evident that they have grossly exceeded any rational restraints that reflect any kind of sanity.
This insane criminality will be recorded in history forever. Consequently, I am quite elated at their incredible bungling.
The Palestinian intellectual diaspora and Arab/Muslim world has been monitoring this group longer then anyone else. It is a pleasure to see their and your(FLC) observations and wisdom in these matters manifest.