Monday, September 16, 2013

"Syrian Government Air-Support For some Syrian Insurgents?"

'b' writes;
Today Hassan Hassan, the deputy opinion editor of The National newspaper from the United Arab Emirates and a promoter of the insurgents tweeted this:
Video of the regime's bombing of Abu Kamal - why is the regime back to Abu Kamal after it left in November last year?
 Hassan Hassan حسن ‏@hhassan140
Smoke after the regime attacks the city of Abu Kamal 
"... My interpretation based solely on the above is that the Syrian government, "the regime", has joined the local insurgents in their fight against al-Qaeda elements. After al-Qaeda declared war against the local SMC supported insurgents fighting started in Abu Kamal and elsewhere. The government currently has no troops in or approaching Abu Kamal but is bombing there today. The only plausible explanation seems to be that the Syrian government gives air-support to some local insurgents.
Giving air-support to those local insurgents who fight al-Qaeda groups would be a very smart way to decrease the number of the Syrian governments enemies without risking the life of its soldiers..."

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