Monday, September 16, 2013

Loaded message: "“Whoever intends to destroy Syria should be prepared to lose their oil & gas in the region.”

"...First, to prevent any spoilers – such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, and Israel – from influencing the UN weapons inspectors’ report on the alleged chemical attack in Damascus. And second, to get Geneva II back on track, especially after Brahimi received encouragement from a number of leaders at the G20 meeting in that direction.All this will not prevent potential losers in a political settlement from doing their best to undermine such an outcome. Israel will likely try to interfere with the process underway to dispose of Syria’s chemical weapons by adding conditions that they hope would include Iranian weapons.Turkey will continue to insist that Assad must be punished in order to prevent him from using chemical weapons again, while Saudi will try to limit any kind of settlement to the Russian initiative, fearing that a diplomatic solution through Geneva II will be to Assad’s advantage. Thus both countries are now anxious to get back to the battlefield, hoping to redress the balance of forces on the ground before the two sides begin to negotiate.And just as the opposition has received reassurances from their allies that they will be more than compensated for whatever setbacks they may have suffered after the failure of Washington to strike, the Russian side has also stated that it “will not leave Syria without strategic weapons to confront its enemies.”There are indications that both Moscow and Tehran have decided to raise the capabilities of the Syrian armed forces to an extent that would allow them to make further strides against the opposition ."

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