Monday, September 9, 2013

Lebanon: "Jihadi Armed Groups to Exploit Chaos of US Attack on Syria"

"... Jihadi circles claim that the “US strike on Syria will not be limited to targets of the Syrian regime, but will also include strategic targets controlled by the jihadi groups.” These groups do not believe that the United States would topple the regime this easily, allowing the establishment of an Islamic state. But these groups, at the same time, are seeking to take advantage of all contingencies to tip the balance of power in their favor, or at least, make gains on the battlefield.Lebanese security services have intercepted some suspicious movements. Both pro- and anti-regime forces are ready to pounce on one another, and have put their rank and file on alert to act in tandem with the US assault in many regions across the country. Coordination between the Lebanese and Syrian interiors is also at its highest levels.
Security information obtained by Al-Akhbar indicates that there is a plan in place to attack border crossings in Abbudiyeh and Arida, in addition to a number of Lebanese army checkpoints. The same information indicates that the commander of the militant group Jund al-Sham, Sheikh Khaled al-Mahmoud aka Abu Suleiman al-Muhajir, has prepared dozens of militants to carry out attacks inside Lebanon...."

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