Saturday, September 14, 2013

Intelligence Online: "Ankara established a Kurdish jihadist brigade"

"... According to the Intelligence Online, a  professional French journal closely following the activities of intelligence services in the world, Ankara established a Kurdish jihadist brigade to fight against the main Syrian Kurdish party PYD (Democratic Union Party)."To fight the troops of the Syrian Kurdish movement PYD , which is part of the border between Syria and Turkey , Ankara has encouraged the formation of a jihadist brigade composed almost exclusively of Kurds and called Katibat al- Taliban ( KaT ) . The fighters of the movement , mostly young Kurdish penniless receive nearly $ 1 000 when they engage . They are then sent to fight the PYD on the Turkish- Syrian border alongside the Free Syrian Army (FSA ) and jihadists Jabhat al- Nosra . Many of them were killed in late July during an assault in the town of Tell Halaf “, Intelligence Online said.
The Paris-based magazine remarked that “some fighters of KaT are former members of the Kurdish separatist movement PKK converted to Islam in Kurdish prisons. Others come from religious schools established in Kurdistan by the followers of Imam Fethullah Gülen . Another Kurdish movement,Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria(Partiya Demokrat a Kurdî li Sûriyê,PDKS),headed by Abdulhakim Bashar and close to the Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani, is also fighting against PYD troops on the borders of Syria, Iraq and Turkey"..."

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