Monday, August 5, 2013

"Why President Assad, Hezbollah, and Iran are Winning in Syria"

"...I think that, in the end, resistance will overcome sectarianism…Hezbollah was born in resistance to an Israeli invasion and occupation of Lebanon…The goal was, ultimately, to end the occupation, to make the Israelis leave Lebanon, and Hizballah finally succeeded at that.  In some ways, the situation [in Syria] is tactically different, but I think, strategically, the same dynamic applies. You’ve had a kind of foreign invasion of SyriaThis is part of what’s so sad about the Syrian situation, that you took what might have been some elements of legitimate grievance, legitimate protest internally and you just overlaid this external invasion on top of it.  In the end, the Assad government is fighting for Syrian sovereignty.  The supporters of the Assad government, whether it’s Iran or Hezbollah, they’re fighting to prevent, in a sense, a foreign occupation of Syria…   
If you look at what actually wins in this region, resistance wins.  Sectarianism doesn’t win; resistance wins.”  ..."

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