Monday, August 19, 2013

"Assad, Russia, Iran & Hezbollah pose a greater danger than al Qaeda!"

Itamar Rabinovich.
"... One school regards Syria primarily as a theater of battle against Al Qaeda and other extremists. Its adherents, preoccupied with the prospect of a jihadi takeover in Syria, argue (sometimes implicitly and sometimes explicitly) that the US and its allies must not support or intervene on the side of the rebels and, in fact, should view Bashar al-Assad’s regime as the lesser evil. The other school of thought does not take this scenario lightly. Nonetheless, it argues that a victory in Syria by a coalition of Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, and Assad’s regime would pose an even greater danger. Moreover, in the event of the Assad regime’s fall, there would be plenty of ways to deal with the jihadi groups in Syria.Those who fear a jihadi takeover cite recent events in Sinai. Just a few days ago, Israel closed its airport in Eilat after receiving a warning that jihadis in Sinai planned to attack it with rockets. This, it is argued, is only a dress rehearsal for what can be expected in a post-Assad Syria.
But the most appropriate response to Morell’s statement is that the US does not necessarily have to choose between two sharply defined options. Yes, Syria’s secular opposition is weak and divided, while the jihadis are more dynamic; but jihadi supremacy in the event of an opposition victory is not inevitable. .."
And they still believe in Santa in August! 

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