Friday, August 23, 2013

AIPAC/ WINEP: 'Assad's New Syria will look like Israel!'

The Day After Assad Wins: If Bashar al-Assad wins the war in Syria, as seems increasingly likely, he will not be magnanimous in victory. Post-war Syria will be a more brutal and anarchic place than ever before.
"... To keep its head above water, Damascus has reportedly received up to $500 million per month and lines of credit from Tehran to finance food and oil imports. That dependence would undoubtedly grow in the years ahead.... So any thought that an Assad victory will lead to stability in Syria should be tempered by the realization that he will be abjectly dependent on other countries for security and money. And that reliance will produce plenty of instability. The reconstituted Assad regime would be particularly beholden to Tehran, which would dramatically expand Iran's influence in the region and make it increasingly likely that Syrian and Lebanese territory would be used to confront Israel and other U.S. Sunni allies..."

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