Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What's Up with Al Jazeera English's Egypt Coverage?

I'll tell you what's up: Blowback-QATAR!
"...But if CNN's ears should be burning right now - what about Al Jazeera English? Around noon, EST, just as tensions in Egypt were peaking -- as rumors swirled of tanks taking to the streets in Cairo and President Mohamed Morsy being held under house arrest -- the Qatar-based broadcaster was showing viewers in the United States ... a regularly scheduled special about undocumented immigrants in America?  ... 
... the network -- and particularly its Syria coverage -- has come under criticism since, in part for reflecting the biases of its Qatari sponsors. The network is "a shadow of its former self," wrote FP contributor Sultan Al Qassemi in 2012. Al Qassemi and others have wondered about suggestions of a pro-Muslim Brotherhood bias in the network's coverage...."

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