Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Many hope that these incidents will not escalate to a wide-ranging and open war between Riyadh-Syrian Opposition & Iran-Hezbollah

"... According to informed sources, the ruling family in Riyadh is suffering internal divides during this stage, linked to the ongoing conflict between the princes of the second generation, in full view of those of the first generation [sons of King Abdulaziz]. According to these sources, it seems that Prince Bandar bin Sultan is taking advantage of this reality to independently make the decision to implement a security agenda against Hezbollah in Lebanon. Furthermore, the climate of tension within ruling circles and among sheikhs in Saudi Arabia assisted him in this. These circles are experiencing high degrees of sectarian tensions with Hezbollah, and are demanding that the latter be punished for its public involvement in the Syrian regime's war against the opposition.Despite the repeated blows lately suffered by Hezbollah, the battle is still in its infancy, and many hope it will not escalate to a wide-ranging and open war between Riyadh and the Syrian opposition on one end and Hezbollah and Iran on the other...  But if it turns out that the war is an open one, then the situation will grow much more dangerous, not only in Lebanon, but also in the Arab Gulf states adjacent to Hezbollah’s strategic ally, Iran."

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