Friday, July 12, 2013

Arab neocon: 'I was wrong on Syria: there is NO SOLUTION WITHOUT ASSAD, russia, Iran & allies!'

Nicholas Noe has this on the Arab uber-neocon.
"... Well not quite breaking news but…I just watched an incredible interview with Michael Young on France 24. Two and a half years after the Syria revolt broke out, he just now is admitting 1) He was WRONG in predicting that Assad would fall – an incredibly irresponsible”analysis” he has long promulgated and which very much helped to lead to this tunnel of extreme violence we are all now in and 2) that there is NO SOLUTION WITHOUT ASSAD, russia Iran etc.He also suggested that he really does not have a good idea anymore of what to do.
This is simply a breathtaking turnaround for all of us who have watched and argued with Michael about how wrong his analysis and suggestions were in dealing with the crisis in Syria.
Michael has always argued that he is a mere pundit – and not to blame him for US mistakes in the region or anyone elses mistakes. The problem is that he is read, he is taken, mainly by Neo LiberalCons, seriously and some of his best admirers in the Bush administration have used his columns as the ideological basis for some of their most disasterous moves in the region over the last 10 years..."


Ziad Fadel said...

Michael Young is a know-nothing. Nobody other than Americans takes him seriously.

Bandolero said...

You may see the France 2 interview with Michael Young here on video: