Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Qatar (SOHR): 'Syrian Army & auxiliaries lost over 40,000 men & rebels 4,000'

... The Qatari (Syrian) Observatory for Human Rights is also saying pro-Assad Army + popular committees are the single largest group of KIAs... and seem to go against every grain, every assessment & ...logic! 
"... According to the new statistics, which the Syrian Observatory passed to McClatchy by phone, at least 96,431 people have lost their lives in the more than two years of violence that’s wracked Syria.Of those, Syrian soldiers and members of the government’s security forces account for 24,617, while members of pro-government militias make up 17,031. Taken together, those deaths account for 43.2 percent of the total recorded. 
Civilian noncombatants are the next largest group of the dead – 35,479, or 36.8 percent of the total, according to the human rights group... Deaths among anti-Assad fighters total 16,699, or 17.3 percent, according to the new numbers. Of those, 12,615 were Syrian civilians who’d picked up arms against the regime, 1,965 were rebel fighters who’d defected from the Syrian military and 2,119 were foreigners who were killed fighting on the Syrian rebels’ behalf..."

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