Sunday, June 16, 2013

'Morsi's top aides advised him against the move on Syria'

Ahram Online - "... The announcement that Egypt will sever all ties with Syria, made by President Mohamed Morsi while addressing thousands of Muslim Brotherhood members at Cairo Stadium Saturday night, reflects a decision made by the president against the advice of top bureaucratic aides,... The decision was pronounced in the course of an otherwise fiery speech where the president in a high pitch insisted that “Hezbollah should leave Syria.”While some government sources said they were briefly notified ...  others said they only knew of the decision when it was announced at the Muslim Brotherhood event on Saturday night.According to the informed sources, who spoke to Ahram Online on condition of anonymity, Morsi was advised against the move by some of his top bureaucratic aides who insisted that the move would antagonise the Syrian regime against any mediation forums that have been proposed..."

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