Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Find the Shia's & Kill them all!"

 'A Sunni Muslim militant from Kuwait boasts of killing Shiites 
in the Syrian village of Hatla, 
and warns he and his men are about to find more Shiites in their homes and kill them'
"... An opposition group (financed by Qatar) based in London, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which relies on a network of thousands of sources inside Syria from both sides of the conflict, said many of those killed were pro-regime loyalists, but video posted online from the village revealed a much darker side to the war....
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 60 people were killed in the village of Hatla in the oil-rich province that borders Iraq.
With a steady drumbeat from some U.S. and European politicians calling for the West to arm Syria's rebels, the composition of the rebel force on the ground is vital to understand, and the men who committed at least some of the killings in Hatla were not Syrian, and were not men who the West would want to arm.
In a video posted Tuesday on YouTube, a man shows the dead bodies of several Shiite Syrians in Hatla, and angrily calls on his fellow Sunnis to "massacre" their Shiite compatriots. The man speaking is not Syrian, he is Kuwaiti, and very few of the armed "rebels" seen with him in the video sound Syrian -- the accents are largely Kuwaiti and Iraqi. There were other, similar videos posted of the alleged massacre in Hatla....There has been no proof that the leaders of the moderate rebel factions which answer to the opposition's Western-backed Supreme Military Council have the operational ability to control arms supplies on the ground. Moderate and extremist factions take on Assad's forces together on the battle field, and trying to arm one group and ensure those arms are not shared with extremist factions would be a huge challenge to any new efforts by the opposition's international allies..."

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