Monday, June 24, 2013

As we said: When Syria prevails, things will flare up in Lebanon

In Saida:
"... The Lebanese army closed in on Monday on the complex of Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir's mosque in the southern city of Sidon in an attempt to arrest him for attacking the military and leaving 12 soldiers dead....
State Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr issued search and investigation warrants against al-Asir and 123 others including his brother and Salafist-turned singer Fadel Shaker.
Earlier, al-Asir appealed to his supporters through his Twitter account in other parts of Lebanon to rise to his help, threatening to widen the scale of clashes....
Meanwhile, the fighting in Taamir near the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh, which had subsided early Monday, intensified after militants from different nationalities belonging to Jund al-Sham and Fatah al-Islam clashed with the army to ease the pressure on al-Asir's gunmen.
The fighting also reached the city's markets after masked gunmen began appearing there. But the army clamped down on them, preventing the clashes from spiraling out of control...."

In Tripoli:
"...Gunmen have been roaming the streets of the northern city of Tripoli on Monday morning in a show of support to Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir, reported the National News Agency.
The gunmen on motorcycles have been firing gunshots into the air in order to intimidate the people and force them to close their stores. ..."

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