Tuesday, May 14, 2013

“Well-grounded reasons” to be corrupt!

To As'ad: " I'm sure you're going to appreciate this:
Bulgarian police seize 350,000 ’fake’ ballots.
“Private BGNES news agency named the party as Borisov’s GERB, whose deputy leader Tsvetanov headed the interior ministry until GERB’s ousting from power in end-February.
The prosecution did not comment on this information.
The allegations come at an awkward time for Tsvetanov, already embroiled in late April in a scandal about alleged illegal wiretapping of the party’s opponents and businesspeople.”
You might remember that this Tsvetan Tsvetanov is the Interior minister that pretended to have “well-grounded reasons” to implicate Hezbollah in an attack against Israeli tourists:
"We have well-grounded reasons to suggest that the two were members of the militant wing of Hezbollah," said Tsvetan Tsvetanov, Bulgaria's interior minister
So, with 2 major political scandals on the Tsvetanov, I would bet that the accusation against Hezbollah is now dead.
You can quote me."..."

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