Thursday, May 2, 2013

"US interventions to overthrow hostile regimes or prop up friendly ones are becoming untenable & should always be avoided!"

Haass in Foreign Affairs, here.
"... In contrast to the Middle East, Asia is a locus of great-power competition, where U.S. military presence and action may prove extremely useful in heading off or handling many potential problems. The Obama administration was wise to place a greater emphasis on this part of the world in 2011, although it could (and should) have done better in articulating and implementing its new course. "Pivot" implied too sharp a turn, both by suggesting too dramatic a pullback from the greater Middle East and by overlooking all that the United States has already done over the decades in East Asia. "Rebalancing," the administration's second label for its policy, better characterizes both the substance and the rationale of the new approach. ..."

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