Thursday, May 2, 2013

Syrian insurgents in multi front battles with Turkish & Syrian armies!

'First delivery of US aid to the 'rebels'...' 
[NYTimes] "Syrian forces carried out what antigovernment activists described as furious assaults against a range of insurgent enclaves on Thursday, seeking to snap a stalemate in the central city of Homs, attacking rebels ensconced in a seaport near Russia’s naval station and destroying a historic bridge in the contested western city of Deir al-Zour..., ... 
There were also reports of fighting near the border with Lebanon around the Syrian town of Qusair, a flash point between Sunni fighters of the insurgency and Shiite militants loyal to Hezbollah,..., ...
The fighting coincided with what might have been the first armed clash between Syrian insurgent fighters and Turkish border guards, resulting in at least one Turkish death. The circumstances behind the clash, at the Akcakale crossing in Turkey’s Sanliurfa district, were not immediately clear..., ... Officials in Turkey said they were investigating the cause of the clash at Akcakale, with some calling it an irresponsible display of recklessness by a few members of the Free Syrian Army, the main group of the Syrian armed resistance, who had wanted to cross into Turkey ...  that “members of the Free Syrian Army and a large Syrian crowd first attacked our officials with bars and stones before random gunshots were heard.”..."

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