Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Syrian Army fires at Israeli incursion on the Golan

(Reuters) - "... Syrian troops destroyed an Israeli vehicle that crossed into its territory from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on Tuesday and warned that any attempt to violate its sovereignty would meet "immediate and firm retaliation".
Israel said the incident took place on its side of Golan ceasefire line and the vehicle was damaged but not destroyed ..."

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Anonymous said...

Syrian field commanders just got carte Blanche to retaliate in full against the Zionist abomination, this is the first result and boy are they glad to do exactly what they where trained for! And they are doing it to the tune of Putin, who just "explained" to NuttyYahoo what he can expect should he take any stupid chance, to the Yakhonts, Sunburns, S-300`s and the Russian armada with an impressive amount of fire-power between Cyprus and Tartus.