Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Still, 'highly uncertain'

".... Kerry said that Assad’s role was left undecided ...It was unclear whether that statement reflected a change in the Obama administration’s view, however. In Washington, President Barack Obama reiterated that Assad would have to step down before a meaningful peace process could begin...,It remained highly uncertain that a conference will be held between the regime, which is dominated by Assad’s minority Alawites, a Shiite Muslim sect, and opposition groups that overwhelmingly comprise Syria’s long-oppressed majority Sunni Muslims and include hundreds of foreign jihadist fighters allied with al Qaida.There is virtually no chance that the Islamist groups will participate.Najib Ghadbian, the political representative to Washington of the U.S.-backed Syrian Opposition Coalition, told McClatchy that while his group awaits details of the new proposal, it remained opposed to talks with Assad or members of his inner circle.“It seems like there’s nothing really new. ..,The problem with Geneva from the beginning was the Russian understanding,” he said, referring to Moscow’s stance that Assad’s ouster wasn’t a pre-condition for negotiations...."

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