Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Smorgasbord Special: Kerry: "I'm not gonna decide at the end if Assad can govern Syria"

"..., ...,  Lavrov: We are not interested in the future of certain people, that is up to the Syrian people to decide. Today John and I agreed to sponsor national dialogue.
Kerry: The alternative is ethnic war. Up until now there has been a perception that Russia and the US have not been on the same page. What is important today is that we WILL cooperate ... our understanding of Geneva is very similar... I'm not gonna decide at the end if Assad can govern Syria"
Lavrov: The Syrian people are not only about "the regime" and "the opposition" ... this is about all Syrians. "Significant part of the population is afraid if the regime is overthrown, It is not because they like the regime but because they are afraid if those who fight the regime win, then Syria from a multi-ethnic multi-confessional state for years and years, will turn into a country where extremists rule ... this opinion is shared by ALL my interlocutors ... ".
Kerry: "If this process moves successfully, then arming opposition will not be necessary. One thing must be clear ... the President said all options are on the table and it depends on results of investigation on use of CWs"
Lavrov: "we and the US are concerned about the stability of CW's ... this is an intricate matter ... we agreed it can not be decided through rumors. we agreed to be in close contact to decide what is going on regarding information about the use of CW's" ......, ......"

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