Monday, May 13, 2013

Our allies in the Democratization of Syria!

[FT] "A prominent member of the Saudi royal family is at the heart of a US criminal probe into whether Barclays made improper payments in the kingdom, with investigators scrutinising two separate incidents linked to a son of King Abdullah.
The US Department of Justice is investigating two transactions, probing whether Prince Turki bin Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz – a wing commander in the Saudi air force who was recently made deputy governor of the capital city of Riyadh – was paid illicit fees by Barclays, according to six people familiar with the investigation..."
... and, 
"... A Lebanese man was sentenced to six years in prison and 300 lashes for converting the woman, while a Saudi man was sentenced to two years and 200 lashes for aiding her escape abroad, the English-language daily said. It added that the pair had challenged the verdict and would appeal.A spokesman at the justice ministry could not immediately be reached for comment.
In Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, it is against the law for Muslims to abandon their faith, a practice known as apostasy. Proselytising for other religions or practicing them openly is also illegal.
Judges have considerable leeway in how to interpret the kingdom's Sharia code of Islamic law and are not bound by sentencing guidelines or a system of precedent. Both capital and corporal punishment are legal..."

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