Thursday, April 25, 2013

'Takbeer' (Allah Akbar)

[NYTimes] "... One day last fall, a militia unit working for President Bashar al-Assad of Syria took a call from the Tadamon district of southern Damascus, a front line between government and rebel forces in the country’s civil war. The call sent them to an apartment where they found a group of armed men around a naked man and woman, said a former member of the militia who gave his name as Abu Rami, and asked not to be fully identified for fear of reprisals.Speaking in an interview in Damascus this month, he said he recognized the two as siblings from the neighborhood, members of the Alawite Shiite sect to which the Assad family belongs. The men around them, rebel fighters of the radical Jihadist Nusra Front, had just forced the brother to rape the sister, ...
As he told the story, he and his fellow militiamen arrested the Nusra fighters and handed them over to Syrian intelligence. What happened to them next, he said, he did not know, but they were perhaps lucky to have left the room alive..."

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