Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Syrian opposition: "Qatar is working to establish an Islamic state in Syria,”

"Beirut: In a war-battered suburb of Damascus, a commander for one of the smaller nationalist brigades fighting to topple Syrian President Bashar Al Assad grumbles about the lack of ammunition for his men. He blames Qatar, saying the oil-rich Gulf state directs its backing to rebels with a more Islamist ideology....But its role has also caused tensions within the ranks of the highly fragmented rebellion and political opposition. Some rebel brigades complain they are left out in the cold from the flow of money and weapons, sparking rivalries between secular and Islamist groups. Fighters and opposition activists worry that Qatar is buying outsized influence in post-Al Assad Syria and giving a boost to Islamist-minded groups if the regime falls.“Qatar is working to establish an Islamic state in Syria,” Abu Ziad, the commander of a brigade in the Damascus suburb, said sullenly, ...."

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"The West plans to set up new pipelines from northern and eastern Syria into Turkey at the Iskenderun hub in the province of Hatay on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey"

Interview: Western powers support rebels to divide Syria: local opposition figure
Petrodollar - the God of Saudi-Arabia (i do not aim at insulting anyone - that's the way it is).
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