Saturday, April 20, 2013

Obama to Iran: "stay 'on the threshold' but do not cross the Rubicon!'"

"... ..."As far as Israel is concerned, the objective is preventing Iran from attaining nuclear weapons “capability,” whereas Obama’s objective is preventing “nuclear weapons” per se. It is a case of nuclear weapons production capability versus nuclear weapons. Full stop. What Israel really wants to ensure is that Iran isn’t capable of producing weapons of that sort, even if it is not actually producing them at present. And Obama? All that he cares about is that Iran doesn’t actually possess nuclear weapons (i.e., missiles armed with nuclear warheads) during his watch.
There is a lack of congruence between these two objectives. Some in Israel even contend that they stand in conflict. Experienced Israeli observers who are intimately familiar with the situation will tell you that what Obama wants to achieve is some kind of agreement with Iran, which will allow it to remain a country “on the threshold” of attaining nuclear weapons capabilities. If that happens, Iran will not cross the Rubicon. It will not obtain the necessary amount, in kilograms, of fissile material to put together the bomb itself, but it will bring itself to a stage in which it needs just a few weeks, and not months, to press forward toward that finish line..."

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