Monday, April 1, 2013

Funny how 'turmoil-destinations' have 4 things in common: Resources, al Qaeda, Qatar & Saudi Arabia!

"... The former French colony of Mauritania is considered, along with Niger and its rich uranium deposits, a next goal for al-Qaeda strategists ... Islamists of all stripes benefit from this discontent.The largest groups among them are moderates or apparent moderates like the Tawasul Party that maintains links with the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups abroad like the Ennahda Movement in Tunisia - and Hamas. The party is present on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and its top members regularly appear on Al-Jazeera...... He's already made his view of al-Qaeda clear, but wouldn't attending one of the Koranic schools, often financed by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, be an alternative? After all, tuition, room and board are free. Boya shakes his head: "They're too far away. And I heard they don't even let you drink tea."..."

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