Sunday, April 21, 2013

AIPAC/ WINEP's dilemma: 'Arms from the Persian Gulf have strengthened al-Nusra/ al Qaeda in Syria (and Iraq)'

"...At the end of the meeting, the opposition didn't get the weapons or intervention it wanted, and the West seemed no closer to deciding the thorny question of whether to send arms.Analyst Andrew Tabler at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy says the dilemma is real, but delaying is also a kind of decision, because arms from the Persian Gulf have already strengthened the al-Nusra front and other Islamist units, increasing the prospects that they will have an important role in a post-Assad Syria.
"This is a really big debate ... how do you influence a rapidly deteriorating situation if you don't deal with the reality of the fact that those who are taking the shots against Assad will be calling them when he's gone?" Tabler says. ..."

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