Monday, March 11, 2013

Ultra-violence spreads & Morsi runs out of answers

"...Finding a way out of this mess will not be easy for Mr Morsi. The chaos plays into the hands of those who yearn for a return to military rule - not just some of his political opponents, but many citizens who no longer want to see the police in their towns, such as in Port Said, where a petition to put the city into direct army control has been circulating. The rioting and police strike are a direct challenge to his authority, and the solutions he has tried - mostly appeasing and co-opting the interior ministry - are not working. His ability to act is constrained by his avoidance of consensus-building and the zero-sum game that now characterises Egyptian politics.
Yet, if there is one issue on which many Egyptians can agree on, it is that police reform and rioters must be tackled urgently. If civilian leaders do not begin providing solutions, then the narrative of either chaos or military rule will become a self-fulfilling prophecy..."

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