Monday, March 18, 2013

On that Syria 'Smorgasbord' ...

... we welcome converts who are ready to shed the pathetic 'Bashar-Dead-Man-Walking-Regime-Matter-Of-Days-Rebels-Besieging-Cities-Assad-Has-No-More-Soldiers' sayers, who are ready to factor in the magnitude of the support that Bashar Assad had, domestically, regionally & internationally ... who are ready to come-out and say: "The Regime prevailed! Let's talk!" A close friend who is very much in-the know commented today after he heard Gen. Dempsey's warnings about the Syrian opposition & the Franco-British-Qatari military non-option.
".... President Obama knows that the only solution that makes sense is to somehow keep Bashar Assad in power... to keep the Jihadis from gaining control, and really changing the dynamics of the mideast.  I am also told that the israelis are moving to that view,...that bashar may be the best chance for stability."
Meanwhile, and in the best CIA' estimates, the Syrian Army has killed over 45000 foreign and domestic insurgents and destroyed 60-70% of the insurgency's hardware.Not the stuff you read at Reuters, AP, AFP, and the Arab acolytes! 

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a German said...

Perhaps this war was also done with a solution in mind to solve the raising problem of uprising jobless Arabs in French and US towns?

For more background regarding Syria I suggest this:

Its not a civil war and was no uprise. It is a US planned hidden proxy guerrilla war - in US Army terms: UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE: