Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Obama wants to make sure that Israel will give him a year of quiet, free of any background noise or other interference"

"...And here lies the crux of the matter: If Netanyahu decides to grant Obama his request (not that he has any other choice) and allow the United States the year of quiet it is asking for, the Israeli prime minister will actually become a hostage of the American president. Netanyahu will then have to rely on Obama’s word, as in a few months, Israel will no longer be in a position to launch an operation against Iran. The job will then be too big for Israel to handle on its own. The Iranian nuclear program will become by then irreversibly immune to any Israeli capabilities. Thus, what Obama will have to obtain in Jerusalem in the coming days is trust.....
The message delivered by Obama will be straightforward: Come on, Bibi, relax. We are standing by your side; we've got your back and we're not bluffing. The question is whether Netanyahu will believe Obama’s reassuring words (not that he has any other choice),
and whether the two leaders, Obama and Netanyahu, can still believe each other. The most interesting part of the conversation between them will be that in which Netanyahu asks Obama what is going to happen in the summer, once it becomes finally clear that there is no diplomatic option...."

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Anonymous said...

Too big for Israel alone in few months? It is and always has been and will be too big for Israel alone. These criminals will launch WTC bomb ll to get us into Iran